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Malaysia Airports is the main airport operator and manager in Malaysia, responsible for the nation’s gateways to the world. Always driven to be the best airport services provider in the region and the world, customers’ comfort and convenience remain at the top of our priorities.

Today, airports around the world are taking on multiple roles and functions. Airports are no longer just an infrastructure but have evolved to become hubs that meet the needs of travelers – be it the exceptional travelling experience or retail experience. We are taking the stance to be bold and far-sighted in our vision to be a global player in the arena. At the face of the challenging era of automation and travel technology that focus more on people, we connect our business to all our stakeholders, community and environment in a balanced approach.

As the nation’s flagship international gateway, KL International Airport (KLIA) is well-positioned as a key aviation hub for Southeast Asia. It boasts the flexibility to combine short-haul and long-haul connections with facilities that integrate both full-service and low-cost airlines’ operations. We also have huge catchment areas within four to five hours of flight time from KLIA due to geographic centrality.

KLIA embodies the concept of the ‘Next Generation Hub’ where full-service airlines and low-cost airlines are unified. While KLIA Next Generation Hub is created to promote airlines interconnectivity at KLIA, the world’s first purpose-built terminal dedicated for low-cost carriers, klia2, is currently the standard bearer for other future terminal of its kind in the world.

The unique feature of Malaysia Airports is its vastly diversified airport portfolio, in which each airport is characterised by different operating requirements. While these airports serve the same purpose of providing connectivity, their operating requirements vary from the different commercial offerings and growth prospects.

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